Lea Ann and I, along with several others from Centenary, attended the Madrigal Dinner presented by the Indiana State University Choral Department. It was, as usual, an outstanding performance. After dinner we gathered in the sanctuary of St. Stephen’s church for a concert. At the end of the concert, the King and Queen (played by Zene Colson and Katie Kendall) gave the group a blessing to go forth by. In that blessing, Queen said that Advent was a time of choosing. You can choose to give your time. You can choose to give your money. You can choose to give your love. You can choose to give nothing.

I believe that applies to the whole year, not just Advent. You choose to give your time, talent, gifts, money or your love. Or you choose to give nothing. I am so happy that the people of Centenary UMC did not choose to give nothing. Many of you gave time, money and resources to make the 55:1 Community Lunch a place where we could share the love of God with others. We have been doing this program for one year now, and my has it grown.

As I look at numbers, in January we served 24 people. The first three months we only served 85 total. In the last three months we served 249 people. That is an average of 83 people per month for the three month period. That is awesome! And these numbers do not include our workers.

But it is not just about numbers. We were asked by a young man at one of the lunches, “Why do you do this?” To show the people around us that we care about others. Another young man who had been attending some of the lunches was one of the performers in the Madrigal Dinner. He came up to our table, which was all Centenary members, and said, “You have been serving us, now it is our turn to serve you.”

Folks, we are making a difference in peoples lives. I want to thank all of those who have helped in any way with the dinners. Whether you have worked, donated something, prayed, given money or just allowed these events to happen, I thank you. May God continue to bless us as we begin a new year of serving Him.

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